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Horizon Traffic Advisor / Warning Stick

Horizon Traffic Advisor / Warning Stick

Product Number: HZND(y)-1(xx)2(xx) y=# of heads, xx=color

The DUAL COLOR / DUAL MODE Horizon Light Stick is the most recent addition to Brooking's ever-expanding line of emergency vehicle lighting equipment. Each light module is loaded with 12 high-powered LEDs, interleaved to produce optimum output. Dual Mode set up combined with a user friendly Color Mode programming option allows the user to choose which color(s) to flash, or burn steady, in either mode. In a 6 head BLUE/WHITE set up for a push bumper tray, the user can choose to flash blue, white, blue/white alternating or white/blue alternating in Mode 1, then set Mode 2 to steady burn white for scene lighting! Units with amber as the secondary color will covert to amber when traffic control is activated. SINGLE COLOR VERSION COMING SOON!

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