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Torrent Light Bar

Torrent Light Bar

Product Number: Torrent LED Light Bar

The second generation Torrent features new A-Glow optic inboard light modules and Mega D-Fuser corners, producing maximum output with a minimal price point. A rugged aluminum chassis and UV stabilized lenses ensure years of reliable service while new software provides the widely coveted dual and tri color functionality.

Quickly becoming one of the more popular options on the market today, the Torrent has taken public safety by storm.

Packed full of Xtreme linear LED modules for maximum wide angle output, the diode count leaves competitors in the dust.

A fully loaded 49” bar complete with dual 9 diode LED take downs and dual 3 diode alleys boasts a total diode count of 156!

An extruded aluminum chassis provides rigid support and shock absorption without sagging / bending, while the low profile design reduces wind resistance.

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