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100W Basic Siren Amplifier w/ Light Control


Product Number: SDB101-S

• 6 classic tones: WAIL, YELP, PHASER, HI/LO, MAN WAIL and AIR HORN.
• 6-position rotary mode switch with LED backlight.
• 100W siren amplifier for single speaker (11Ohm) setup.
• 12~24VDC multi-voltage.
• Low amp draw, Class D amplifier produces an incredibly clean, crisp tone & LOUD output when paired with JS-100 speaker
• Meets ECE R10 standard.
• Reverse Polarity Protection.
• Momentary Horn/Man toggle switch.
• PA capable via hand-held microphone.
• SAE J1849 EVS1 certified performance and reliability.
• Compact, powder-coated housing.
• Adjustable volume for PA function.
• 0.2 Amp output for warning light control.

: SAE J1849 EVS1; CISPR 25
Input Voltage: 12~24 VDC
Standby Current: 0mA (w/o IGN wire) / <0.35A (w/ IGN wire)
Avg. Current: 8.5A @ 12VDC / 4A @ 24VDC
Max. Current: 10A @ 12VDC / 5A @ 24VDC
Siren Output Power: 100W Siren
Output Load: 100W-ACR 11Ω
Siren Frequency: 759Hz – 1592Hz
Operating Temp: -22°F to 149°F
I/O: ■ +VDC ■ -GND ■ Speaker Output+/- ■ SW1
Siren Controls: 1x 6-position rotary knob (OFF, STBY, WAIL, YELP, HI-LO, PHSR) 1x 2-position lever switch (HORN, MAN) 1x ON/OFF switch (SW1) 1x MIC volume knob
Light Controls: (1) light control output powering up to 0.2 Amps max. Fuse Ratings: Amplifier: Built in 15A
Cable Lengths: Microphone Extension Cord: 7.87′

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