Minnesota Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

State Overview Minnesota has its laws surrounding the use of LED auxiliary lighting for an authorized emergency vehicle, commercial vehicle, and private vehicle sprinkled around several statutes. Some of the statutes appear to be rehashing information stated in other statutes, while others almost seem to contradict the information presented in early statutes. If you are … Read more

Alabama Emergency Vehicle Light State Statutes

State Overview As with every state, Alabama comes with it’s own set of unique laws surrounding the use of LED lighting for each emergency vehicle. The state of Alabama has made the process incredibly simple to understand so that every motorist is able to understand and abide by the lighting and traffic laws of their … Read more

The 7 Drug Categories | Law Enforcement Guide

Drugs are undoubtedly a major concern for every police department. Whether it’s drug trafficking, drug crimes, or just perpetrators who are under the influence, police officers will undoubtedly find themselves dealing with this frequently in their professional lives. So it’s useful for all law enforcement officers to have a basic understanding of the types of … Read more

The 5 Best Police Dog Breeds in Service

Dogs were one of the first animals to be domesticated, and from the beginning of our association with them, they have been helping humans by protecting us and assisting in our work. So perhaps it’s no surprise that in time we’d come to give them jobs – and not just any jobs, but jobs in … Read more

Pilot Vehicle LED Warning Lights

Pilot Car - Escort Car - Emergency Vehicle LED Lighting - Amber - Brooking

Every day oversized loads travel across the highway, creating a potentially unsafe environment for motorists. The load they’re carrying is often large enough to reach over into more than one lane or far enough back that other motorists may not see it with enough time to react. These dangerous conditions can be mitigated by a … Read more

Snow Plow LED Warning Lights

Snow Plow LED Lighting - Amber - Brooking Industries

Living in a place where it snows can create significant safety hazards on the road and even make them impassable. These conditions are hazardous and can even be fatal if motorists try to make their daily commute before the roads are plowed. Elite drivers risk their lives all Winter to ensure that vehicles can safely … Read more

Can Electric Vehicles be Effective for Patrol Use

Can Electric Vehicles be Effective for Patrol Use

Police agencies strive for a balance of fiscal efficiency and operational effectiveness when considering new technologies. While the electric vehicle (EV) is not exactly new, its appearance has become far more prevalent in recent years. Once little more than a novelty, electric cars are increasingly mainstream and poised to replace the internal combustion engine within … Read more

How Much Does a Firefighter Make?

Firefighter salary

The Base Salary of a Firefighter is Just the Beginning Becoming a firefighter can be one of the most rewarding career paths one can choose. While there are many factors to consider when deciding on an occupation, the base pay or average salary is essential in the selection process. If you are interested in a … Read more